Item #146360 - Northport Failing the West Alabama Region?

- Tuscaloosa (Alabama) - August 16, 2019

Why hasn't the Northport City Council moved forward with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd improvement project that they approved over 2 yrs ago? I ask this question because the area is a blight and is in desperate need of revitalization. The funding has been secured since 2017 according to The Tusca...

Item #28213 - Ridiculous Air Pollution Ban

Make Offer - West Alabama (Alabama) - September 24, 2013

In a ridiculous attempt to end air pollution, the EPA has banned the importation of the Solex Motorbicycle (a commonly used conveyance all around the world). It's a small black bicycle w/ a 2-cycle motor, gets 200 mpg, very well made, very dependable, and used everywhere for transportation. Do they ...

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